Colorado Home Inspection Services

An experienced, fully insured, Certified Master Inspector will prepare your Home Inspection Reports on site with easy-to-read pictures and details on many topics, including:

  • The condition of every major component in the home from the roof to the foundation
  • Major, minor and safety deficiencies in the home
  • Any major expenditures necessary, a budgeting plan for major components in the home
  • A detailed home maintenance plan consisting of a home maintenance manual
  • Helpful home preservation and home energy conservation tips
  • Radon Testing
  • Well water bacteria testing
  • Septic system location
  • Sewer scoping performed by licensed plumber, call Fathers & Sons Plumbing for 10% discount, 719-492-7925
  • And much more

Our Certified Master Inspector will review the detailed report with you to make sure you understand everything and answer any remaining questions. Plus we will remain your home consultant for life. Meaning you can call us anytime for a free home consultation.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual process where all of the items typically used within a home are tested and/or operated to verify proper operation or installation. Doors and windows are opened and closed, roofing materials inspected, air-conditioning and heating systems operated. The Home Inspector will fill the sinks and tub(s), run the shower(s), and flush the toilets. All the while making notes on the condition and operation of the home components tested. Upon completion, a detailed report will be distributed to you on site by the home inspector.

New Construction Inspections

New construction home and/or mold inspections are performed at the completion of construction, but prior to your final walk through with the Home Builder’s Customer Service Representative or Superintendent. It is always a good idea to verify that utilities in the home(gas, water, and electric) have been turned on, either by you or the Home Builder depending on the Builder’s policy. The home inspection should be scheduled just a day or two before you final walk through with the Builder. This will ensure that most, if not all, last minute items have been completed prior to your home inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, a completed home inspection report will be distributed to you on site by your home inspector.

Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspections

Warranty inspections are performed during the 11th month of your 1-year Home Builder Warranty. The home inspection will be performed to verify that proper building techniques were used and that the various components of the home were properly installed. You will be presented with a completed home inspection report at the end of the home inspection along with digital photos taken as needed for inaccessible areas.

Testing Services

Testing services are available with inspection. For more information on our Radon or Well-Water Inspections, please visit our testing services page

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